Click here to read the 5 steps I take when I need to tame my dragons.

Recognize Your Dragons

I know what you're going through is frustrating and sad.  I know you can’t understand why you just can’t figure this out.  I know the shame and helplessness you feel.  Please also know this; you are not your brain.  In Whole30 vernacular, you are not your dragons.

YOU want to reset your health, habits, and relationship with food.  Your dragons want to Eat All The Things.  YOU want to see what you will feel like when you make only healthy choices for 30 days.  Your dragons want their fixes.  I have a kind of pitying affection for our dragons; they’re the part of our brains that just want us to feel good, but unfortunately they’re willing to sacrifice our health and well-being to make that happen.  They think only short term, only live for the moment.  You know how on Day 6 you get an enormous craving and so you grab a handful of raisins?  Then you have an almost out of body experience as the raisins lead to chips, then to cookies, then to Lucky Charms, then to Taco Bell?  Then when your stomach cannot physically hold any more food you “wake up” and wonder what the heck happened?  What happened is that your dragons took over, you just didn’t know it.  

“You” are not a disgusting, weak-willed glutton, or any other name you’ve been calling yourself.  Your dragons (your brain) have just been running the show.  To successfully complete a Whole30 we must stay firmly present, recognize when our dragons are talking, acknowledge their desires, refuse to engage with them, and move along with our long term plan.  And then we must do that over and over and over again until the dragons give up.  This is at times difficult and draining, but also empowering and SO possible.  And I can guide you along this process, because I’ve done it before.  I’m still doing it every day.

Click here to read the 5 steps I take when I need to tame my dragons.

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