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1 month ago

Crispy Tuna Cakes

Simple, quick, and so delicious. You can cook them all at once and take leftovers to work, but if you’ll be eating leftovers at home I recommend storing the raw mixture in the ... See more

1 month ago

New Finds! The first 2 are Walmart and the rest are Aldi. Just make sure your hard boiled eggs aren’t expired. I was going to buy some and then, nope!😳

1 month ago

Grocery haul!

1 month ago

We’re on our way home from vacation today, and I just so happened to decide to start a 20 day Whole30 mini reset. You can find out why at my post over at The Purse Whisperer • Sarah ... See more

2 months ago


No, it’s not really anything like eating actual pizza, but it’s good ole Whole30 fun.

1) SPREAD 1 lb of ground beef out on a rimmed baking sheet. I used 90/10; the more fat your meat ... See more

2 months ago

Chipotle Lime Shrimp

Recipe from the Whole Smiths

-chili powder instead of chipotle cause it’s what I had
-cooked on stove top grill pan
-in ... See more

2 months ago

Chicken Salad

Sweet, crunchy goodness!

Combine in amounts to your liking:
-cooked chicken breast (I usually poach mine)
-diced apple
-chopped coleslaw mix
-chopped celery
-green ... See more

2 months ago

New Finds!!!

I was becoming disheartened from witnessing way too many couples who seemed to not like each other at all arguing about what type of cereal to get. People, this is not a two person ... See more

2 months ago

Taco Salad

The coleslaw provides a much needed crunch here! You can add whatever toppings strike your fancy.😊

1) HEAT a bit of oil in a skillet
2) ADD half a diced onion and 1 lb ground meat (I ... See more

2 months ago

Italian Pork Roast

I’m always looking for new ways to use this roast from Aldi. It’s so easy and makes a ton of leftovers!

1) PLACE roast in crockpot
2) SPRINKLE on 1 teaspoon salt, lots of ... See more

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