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20 hours ago

Best Ever Pulled Pork

A lovely reader shared this recipe with me, and it’s been a staple ever since. The cloves make the flavor so interesting and so good. Also you’ll enjoy this meal more if ... See more

4 days ago

Chicken and Vegetable Non-Soup

This tastes just like its name, chicken soup without the soup. My least favorite part of soup is all the liquid; I’d rather just have the good stuff, so here it is! ... See more

1 week ago

Chicken Fajitas

The key here is to not be afraid to let the chicken and veggies get charred. The char is what takes it from just good to really good. Bonus points if your smoke alarm goes ... See more

1 week ago

Did you see the news over at Whole30 today? Go check it out RIGHT NOW. These are in my freezer as we speak, and I’m so happy for us my heart might burst.

Have you seen these #Whole30Approved meals at your local Walmart yet? Eight delicious varieties of Great Value frozen meals have been rolling out to Walmart stores nationwide all month long. Keep an ... See more

1 week ago

All kinds of new compliant broth options showing up! The turkey is at Aldi, the others Walmart.

3 weeks ago

Easy Crispy Salmon Cakes
If you have some ranch or other creamy dressing for dipping fun and extra healthy fat, that’s 👌🏻, but these are plenty tasty all on their own. You can cook them ... See more

3 weeks ago

Sausage Wrap
It might seem strange to combine sweet apple chicken sausage with vinegary pickles and mustard, but when it’s all together it just tastes like a delicious hot dog or brat!
WHAT YOU ... See more

4 weeks ago

New Finds! These are all at Aldi.

I love shakshuka! Unfortunately the huevos rancheros (not pictured) is not compliant because of soybean oil.

Yes, wine vinegars are fine. The balsamic vinegar ... See more

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