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3 days ago

10 days left to sign up for my September Whole30 group!

Albondigas Soup

Bailey Whole Kitchen Sink shared this on the Whole30 Recipes page last week, and when I saw it I ... See more

5 days ago

12 days left to sign up for my September Whole30 group!

Apple Crisps Chicken Salad

My favorite salad at Panera is the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad, no Gorgonzola or tomato, with ... See more

2 weeks ago

Details of my September Whole30 group are at!

Cajun Drumsticks and Potatoes

I’ll only eat chicken legs if they’re VERY well done, almost dried out, and the skin is really ... See more

2 weeks ago

Registration for my September Whole30 group is open! See all the details at

If you saw my last post, you know how excited I was about finding cans of tuna with no soy at ... See more

3 weeks ago


I hesitate to share the applesauce and fruit strips with you because while technically compliant, they’re probably way too easy to use to feed your Sugar Dragon. We’d much ... See more

1 month ago

Shrimp Tacos

Not gonna lie, I would have really liked a tortilla here. But I must give the iceberg lettuce its due; it was a worthy Whole30 substitute, and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

I topped ... See more

1 month ago

Sweet Potato Frittata

My fave. The end.

1) BROWN 1lb of sausage*** and a diced onion in a skillet
2) ADD 1 large diced sweet potato (or more if you want) and a bunch of chopped kale
3) STIR and ... See more

1 month ago

Perfect Fourth Of July Meal

I mean, come on. Food is beautiful and delicious and ridiculous. I can’t get over it. I especially can’t get over this potato salad, and I don’t want to. White ... See more

1 month ago

Greek Chicken “Salad”

What could be better than a salad with no greens? (Sorry, greens lovers.) This chicken by Primal Gourmet also happens to be my favorite ever. Make a boatload and eat it ... See more

1 month ago

No Grill BBQ Pork Steak

Mitch just informed me that pork steaks are a Midwestern thing, so apparently they might not be available in your area. Who knew? I just loved every bite of this.

1) HEAT ... See more

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