Hello and thank you for your interest in Whole30 Coaching.

You’re ready to do a Whole30 100% all the way.  The reset is for real this time; not one speck of non-compliant food or drink will pass your lips.  You’re committed to not licking the knife when you make your daughter’s pb&j, to throwing away your son’s leftover mac and cheese, to reading every label/asking the server questions/bringing your own food/generally being THAT person, to sticking to the plan through weddings/parties/work trips, to giving up the food you think you can’t live without.  You have everything you need to make this happen already inside of you, you just need a little aid in finding it.  In Whole30 Headmistress Melissa Hartwig’s words, this will take dedication, attentiveness, brutal self-awareness, and a radical commitment to self love.

You will work hard, but believe me, when the day comes that you drive by your favorite fast food restaurant and don’t feel the familiar pull, it will all be worth it. It will feel like hope and freedom. Let’s rock this out together.

I would love for you to be a part of my Whole30 group this April.

We’ll start on April 2nd, the day after Easter. We’ll end our reintroduction on May 11th, the Friday before Mother's Day.  This is what our group will look like:

Whole30 + 10

Our time together includes reintroduction, so start thinking in terms of 40 days, not 30.  The entire point of a Whole30 is to learn the best way for you to eat in your life after the reset, and reintroduction is VITAL to that process.  We’re going to do this right and by the book.

Private Facebook Group

We will meet in this space on March 26th to prepare for our start on the 2nd. 

The Coaching

I will be in the private group at least 3 times a day answering questions; posting advice, encouragement, videos, meals, and recipes (I shop at Aldi and Walmart); sharing my experience as I’ll be doing the Whole30 with you and will be going through the same things; and prompting you to just keep going, no matter what.

Your Participation

There will be no required amount of participation in the group page. If you're an Engager who wants to comment on every post, awesome; I’m here for it. If you're a Viewer who wants to take it all in without ever commenting, awesome; you do you.

Client Testimonials

Sarah's group was always encouraging and always honest.  She created a positive environment for the group to lift each other up through common struggles.  -Rebekka


Sarah's coaching was really a game changer for me in completing the Whole30.  Whenever I needed some encouragement or inspiration, she was always there to spur me on.  The accountability was just what I needed after multiple failed attempts.  -Christine


This group provided a real sense of community and I wasn't even in the same country as the rest of the participants.  I think this speaks to the vulnerability and realness that Sarah leads with which sets the tone for the group climate.  -Stephanie

The Book

You must purchase Whole30 Day By Day, and we will go through it together every day. This resource is a Whole30 game changer. Melissa's words will be cheering us on from the sidelines with their wit, beauty, insight, and expertise, and I will be running alongside you, feeling your every pain but sharing how to push through to the other side. We’ve got you.



The max number of Whole30ers in our group will be 50.  I plan on leading only 3 or 4 groups per year; I want to be doing a Whole30 with you to give you the best coaching I have to offer, but working on my food freedom is a major priority for me also.  This number is large enough that I can help a substantial number of people and keep your cost down to a price I would be willing to pay, but also small enough that I can still communicate with every participant.


You need to know that I am not a registered dietician, nutritionist, medical professional, or mental health professional.  I have no letters after my name.  The Whole30 and my coaching are not replacements for professional medical care.  It is your responsibility to speak with your healthcare provider before taking on the Whole30 or any lifestyle change; if you are pregnant, on medication, have a history of eating disorders, or have any medical condition, it is imperative that you do so, as you may need to be closely monitored along the way.  I AM a Whole30 expert who wants to build a small business by using my vast experience to coach others who are struggling to complete the program in the same ways that I’ve struggled.
View Health Notice


This is a group coaching environment only and I will not be checking in individually with each member, though I am happy to respond should you reach out to me privately with a question or concern.  In my state of Missouri it is not legal for me to provide one on one coaching as I am not a registered dietician or nutrition professional.  If you're looking for a more personal coaching experience, a different Certified Coach may be best.

Let's Get You Signed Up!

The fee for joining this group is $155 plus the cost of Day by Day.
That’s $25 a week.  

Let me be clear; The Whole30 program has always been and will always be free for anyone to access.  All the information is available at www.whole30.com.  My coaching services are for people who need extra support, accountability, and community to succeed.  And maybe being financially invested is the extra accountability you need to finally beat the avocado oil potato chips that get you every. Single. Time.

Refunds will only be given in the event that my circumstances change and I am unable to provide you with the content that I have described.  In other words, that cookie is not worth $155, so DON’T EAT IT.

Once you have reserved your spot by submitting your signed informed consent and payment, within 2 days you will receive a confirmation email from me outlining your next steps.

Reserve Your Spot Right Now...

I am so crazy thrilled and honored to get to work with you. I’m going to work my tail off for you, and if you work your tail off for you too, good things are bound to happen.  Let’s get Whole30ing!