You don't want to give up.

Your first Whole30 was an epic success. Your old habits crept back in, and now you've been trying to complete a second Whole30 for months, years. You start out strong, convinced that THIS is your month, but without fail you find yourself eating the chips on Day 7. And since you’ve eaten the chips, you might as well eat the whole pantry. Time to start over...again.

You have foot pain, your joints are on fire, you’ve got digestion issues, your blood pressure is creeping up, and you’re so uncomfortable in your clothes. You start a Whole30 reset every Monday, but by every weekend you’ve broken the rules. 

You find yourself constantly thinking about what you will eat that day. You often declare, "If someone would just follow me around I'd have no problem sticking to my plan!" You feel like a slave to the food that controls you; it seems hopeless.


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I'm Sarah Rentfro.

A Whole30 Certified Coach
If you saw yourself in the above scenarios, you’re not alone.  Every one of those was me; every one of those sometimes still IS me.  After I completed my first Whole30 (which was surprisingly easy; it was all new and shiny and exciting!), it took me 4 years to complete a second one.  It played out the same way every week...rock it for 4 or 5 days, then binge.

I finally found a formula that worked for me, which included a strict no snacking rule and accountability from posting my meals on social media.  I completed a Lenten Whole46 and enjoyed sharing about my experience so much that I kept going on a new public page, The Purse Whisperer.  

And Now I Want To Help You Do The Same.

There are several ways you can benefit from my experience and passion for coaching.

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